Dan McGill Books

SJ Lavery writing as Dan McGill:

Words of love and protest: a collection of poems for the modern world.

While a few of the poems in this collection were written during better times; most bear the taint of austerity. Some are a mix of memory, obituary and incident. Some are full of righteous anger. And then there is romance; because I’m a living, breathing, Human Being.

The broken down house has many rooms: come, pay a visit.

Available as a Paperback or Kindle e-book.


whendad crop - Dan McGill

When Dad lost his job: is a Picture Book about Job loss from a child’s perspective; describing the ups and downs of life with an unemployed parent.

There is humor and sadness in the book, but ultimately it’s a journey with a positive outcome.

The book is intended for pre-school, Key Stage 1 to 2, primary school and older SEN pupils.

Now available as an e-book.

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