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The Wind and Rain

I remember her name.
Like a stray word
in an old song.

It hangs there for a
moment before heading
to another rhyme.

And the weeks become days.
And they in turn count
down the hours to midnight.

The time for magic spells
and lazer light.
Fresh beams shining-in
through broken windows.

And the wind blows:

Rattling the tin roof
that tops our modest room.
Keeps the rain out
and nothing much else.

Each drop represents a life.
A chorus of humanity,
roaring at the wall.

For there is no escape.
From the wind, the rain
and the long days.

In Zanzibar

We found our feet,
in Zanzibar.
Between the roads
that bump and grind.
And the village trail,
down to the beach.
It’s cold now.
A chill has passed
through bone and skin.
Say, it was thirty degrees,
in Zanzibar.
A heat haze of a memory.
Evaporating as quickly
as the evening sun going down,
in Zanzibar.


In the light of those eyes.
In the slow turn sideways.
May this not be a gamble.
A chance meeting.

We stand frozen in the moment.
Waiting for the other to shoot first.
Breathing heavily,
as a great darkness unfolds.

Mist rolls through…..
A slow detachment follows.
Finger tips unravel swiftly.
Mouths open and shout.

“Here over there,”
someone screams.
Dead with uncertainty.
And I run, run into the grey.


Hanging on for dear life.
Caught upon a wave.
Some broken off branch,
or bundle of sheaves.
The distance between.
Earth and an aquatic life.

The Ionian Night

Didn’t you know..

plays again and again-
following me through
the ionian night.
Shaking hands with
Eddy Floyd in a corner bar
frequented by those who
prefer their evenings brash.
With temperatures staying
at one hundred and five-
the cats are stretching out
in doorways they are guarding
and dogs they are a howling-
out into the restless night.
Where mosquitos circulate
round legs just ripe for biting-
sucking silently and skin deep.
On white sheet pillows
we return to sleep.
Beneath the citrus sweet
and the low hum of a airconditioning.

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The broken rhyme.
The strangulated sentence.
The pig iron ring.
The bruise that never heals.
The slam of a door.
The crack in the skylight.
The louder you are.
The quieter I become.

RIP Charlie


My old cat Charlie died yesterday. He was eighteen years old and had suffered a stroke. For the first eight of those years he lived with me, and for the next ten with my daughter. I wrote a childrens story featuring a cat named Charlie back when my daughter was three, but I never finished the illustrations. I’ve decided to upload the story and illustrations, as a tribute to old Charlie. You can read it here.