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I See

I see a homeless person

Dressed in rags.

I see everyone walking by

And looking the other way.

I see people spending money

On things they don’t need.

I see the   filthy looks

and  the muttering.

They say:

Dirty Beggar


They say:

You don’t matter

Because you’re not like me.

I see someone who once lived in a house

And was proud of that house.

I see them travelling to work

Each day

On a packed commuter train.

I see their hopes and dreams,

Their fanciful schemes.

I see them holding a child

Minutes after it was born.

I see a great mass of people

In motion.

And that person standing still

Frozen like a statue,

Hand outstretched.

I see green fields and the sea-side

Children building sandcastles

And others splashing in the waves.

I see

A handshake

A smile

And a pat on the back

I see a hospital bed,

And tubes going into an arm

There’s a beep every second or so

That says , this person is alive.

I see skin as thin as parchment

And a choir singing Christmas carols

To a hospital ward full of people.

I see someone who is too sick to work

Who can’t pay the bills.

I see a family argument and

Brimming suitcases.

I see the hostel

Where people shout at night.

The small room

With a wardrobe and sink.

I see sadness and tears

And hope slipping away.

I see me,

Who do you see ?