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Record Store Day


Is a day away. Last year it was Traffic’s – John Barleycorn Must Die. This year….I’m still deciding. So go on: put the needle on the record !

I’m A Believer


Just been adding some tunes, to my ipod. I’m going to be out of action
for a while. This is one of them, and of course I’ve included his version
of Elvis Costello’s song: Shipbuilding. Robert Wyatt must be one of the
last remaining English eccentrics working in music today .
Here’s a link to his 1974 Top of The Pops performance of the said song.
Apparently the powers that be had problems
with his wheelchair featuring on mainstream TV. Enjoy.



I’m going to write an Ian McLagan obituary,
where I’ll try to recall the name of his book.
Was it All the Rage?
I’m going to do it without the intervention,
of search engine or internet.
A summoning-up the spirit sort of exercise,
until the past reveals itself.
You know he married Keith Moon’s ex-wife.
And wrote a book called All the Rage:
oh but you know about that.
I’m going to talk about his music,
because that’s what made him tick.
Tin Soldier is nice, nice and raucous and soulful.
And Miss You, by the Rolling Stones, also featured Mac.
I’m going now,
to write.