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My Author Photograph by Alice Evans. You can find it in my Author Central entry on Amazon, and on the back page of Willington the paperback edition.

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Willington, a novel. Available on Kindle

A portrait of four young people all on the cusp of adulthood, making their way through life. Sometimes hitting, sometimes missing; it’s a story about change, often violent and sudden. Set in England’s North East,  at the dawn of the Sixties; we see how the trajectory of their lives can turn on a sixpence.

The King of Royal College Street


-Chapter Three-

The Great Storm

Soon it was my birthday. I was one year old. The two kittens next door continued to grow. And the Yuppies hair grew even larger. I was snoozing when the storm hit. First the windows shook so hard I thought the glass would break. Then the garden furniture began to fly in the air. There was a terrible crash when it collided with the garden wall.

In our garden, the old shed fell down. Mum was so lucky; she’d had the snip. So there were no newborn kittens or her, inside when whole thing came crashing. The chickens were lucky though; they escaped with a few ruffled feathers, but their cage intact.

Felix seemed to become slower, after the hurricane. He never bothered rebuilding his shed. It just stood there: a pile of wood, paint and tools. And he was getting forgetful. Sometimes he forgot to put food down for Mum and I. When we cried he would shout :
Oh shut up cats !
Which was not like him at all.

So Mum taught me how to hunt. We got by. But the poor old chickens, they didn’t see Christmas. Old Felix spent more and more time in his room. He stopped cooking food; so there were no more tasty scraps to scrounge.

The King of Royal College Street


A short Shaggy Cat novel

-Chapter Two-

New Neighbours

Something had changed but I couldn’t figure out what. I shook my head, and went on my way. The next day, I looked again. That was the thing with these people, they were always out; so there was no danger of being shooed away (a hazard of the job).Later I learned that some people worked during the week and rested at weekends. But I was ten months old then, so I knew nothing. Anyway I look into the dining room first:


Chess Board.
Fancy Blue Curtains, all flowery and gathered-up at the ends. Very fancy.
A Computer that was never turned on.
Music System, that only came on a parties.
And a picture of something or other on the wall.

A big fat zero I hit there. So I look in the bedroom. It’s a small room, with only a bed and a chest of drawers. But the bed is mighty fancy: it’s all gleaming and gold, with fancy white covers. Then something emerges from beneath the covers, and I jump out of my skin. For some strange reason I think this thing is a dog; not that I’ve met one or seen once face to face. It’s instinct, don’t ask me why or how, it just happens.

But the moving thing makes no woof or barking sounds. Then I catch a whiff of it’s smell: cat, or rather kitten to be exact. I jump onto the side window ledge to get a better look. And while I’m becoming accustomed to my new neighbour, another little head, peeks from underneath. This new one is blue, and the first a browny cream.

I can see they are quite new to their Yuppie place,  quite frightened .  Although the bed looks lovely and soft, and I feel a little jealous. Old Felix keeps his bedroom locked, and I’m certain his bed is not as comfy or fancy.


Moving to the light

I’d like to rewind to January 25th, 2014. I’d like to revise my doom laden title; what to, I do not know. But it’s not going to be The Great Recession; because although the damned thing has been messing with my life, for five years, it’s not got the better of me yet. I’m constantly moving out of the darkness and into the light.

Untitled Thriller, C5 extract.        January, 2014

“Everyday I set sail on the great ocean. Sometimes the journey begins calmly; other times the waves are already beating against the sea wall. Yet no-matter how the day begins, we all begin it the same. In that first second of consciousness you are neither happy, sad, in love or out of love – you are simply alive. You’ve cheated death and woke-up. The great race to darkness has begun again.”