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Along the Coburg Road

The spirit of George Hamilton the IV
walked abroad last night:
Among the wheel tappers and shunters.
The hipsters and their women.
The fellaheen’s and their fellahs.
Along the Coburg Road.

He sang in harmony
with the fragile girl, in a pretty dress.
And held her steady as she shook.
And he waltzed in time
with those sad hearted ladies.
And made them happy once again.

Come along with me you single men,
he called-out from the stage.
Come listen to my pedal steel,
my drums and my guitar.
For winters coming, its getting dark,
and summer has left the air.

So keep warm with me.
Stay a while with me.
With my old love letters,
and my shimmering sound,
and my minor chords.
Along the Coburg Road.

A Night in Wood Green

Right right at roundabouts.
Into Western Road,
then left at Coburg.

In factory stables;
devoid of hay
and horse latitudes.

An opening night,
in Wood Green
at Kabaret @ Karamel.

With dub echoes,
shaman ceremonies,
and chocolate ghosts.

A celebration of
how things can be
with a freed imagination.